Attribution 360 cookie opt-out

Google Attribution 360 provides a mechanism for website visitors to opt out of use of their data through the Google Attribution 360 cookie:

By clicking on the opt-out button, you are opting out of the Google Attribution 360 cookie on your current browser only. If you use multiple browsers on multiple devices, you need to opt out on all browsers and devices that you use. If you delete or clear your browser's cache and cookies after opting out, you may have undone your opt-out and may need to opt out again on your browser. The Google Attribution 360 cookie opt-out does not prevent data from being sent to the website itself or in other ways to web analytics services. On mobile platforms, the controls available regarding the use of advertising identifiers on mobile devices are determined by the mobile platform.

In addition, some sites using Google Attribution 360 also make use of Google advertising cookies. To manage settings for these advertising cookies, please also visit our Ads Settings page. Even if you've opted out of the Google Attribution 360 cookie above, you must separately manage the settings for these advertising cookies at our Ads Settings page.

Learn more about how Google uses cookies here.